How to prevent stroke?

We know that there are chances of a stroke to occur in latter part of life, but these days doctors are stating that there could be chances of having a stroke quite early. The doctor have also come up with certain remedies for the prevention of an earlier stroke. Stroke in women is very common. The main risk factors are the stress and unhealthy lifestyle. And to add more to these risk factors is the excessive usage of birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy after menopause. The pregnancy related disorders may also have a long lasting effect on women’s health and stroke.

Stroke leads to reduction in the blood flow directly to the brain. Around 6.8 million Americans have had a stroke and amongst these 3.8 million are women. Also women tend to have poor recovery than men after a stroke. The very first time, the doctor is likely to screen your blood pressure. It is the most changeable risk factor. Depending on the age, the doctor looks for atrial fibrilliation. This is nothing but an abnormal heart rhythm. The doctor knows this through an electrocardiogram or by measuring the pulse. Feel free to tell you doctor about your headaches as migraine headache with aura can increase the risk of stroke. And the best way to lower the risk of stroke is simply reducing the frequency of headache.

Also pregnancy related problems like induced high blood pressure can lead to a stroke. But also keeping blood pressure under control is difficult. The stroke during pregnancy is not that common but it is more found in the 12th week after giving birth. So if you have a headache or get blurred vision or any usual symptoms immediately have a check up.

Doctors say that depression and stress causes stroke. Switch on to a healthy lifestyle. See to it that you weight is stable, not falling or rising, eating healthy, no smoking, regular exercises and limited amount of alcohol consumption. Early, doctors distinguished men and women based on heart diseases, today they are distinguishing the two genders on strokes. But when it comes to women all you have to do is that alert your doctor and yourself if you feel you have the stroke symptoms and prevent stroke.