Women’s health is at a greater risk due to stroke happenings which result in 8% of all female deaths in US. On the other hand, the stroke is also responsible for causing long term or permanent disability in women which is not a good sign for the future health. What has made the condition worst here is that most of the younger women are at risk to unusual or sudden stroke and this is because their symptoms are very less common to their life counterparts or men which are easily passed! It should be further noted here that 60% of deaths due to stroke occur in women gender which is why it becomes important for them to understand the common symptoms and risk factors associated with the eruption of stroke.

Top risk factors associated with stroke irrespective of race, age and gender

  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic family history

What are other risk factors to stroke in women?

  • Taking pills: Women often take birth control pill, without getting acquainted with the risk factors and these pills may result in blood clots for stroke to happen. It is better to know more about the risks and side effects before taking such pills if you are patient of high blood pressure.
  • Migraine: Spasms in blood vessels may also result in stroke which may occur due to migraine or vascular headaches which causes decreased flow of blood in brain and results in blood clotting, finally leading to stroke.
  • Birth and pregnancy: Women undergo severe blood pressure and hormonal changes during pregnancy and birth processes which can increase the stroke risk by 2.5 times.
  • Neck movements: Since neck comprise of arteries bundle like vertebral and carotid for blood transportation purpose, sudden neck movement in any direction can cause vessel breakage, resulting in blood clots for women.

Stroke symptoms in women:
There is reciprocal effect of stroke in human beings which simply means that if you have faced stroke on the right side, left side will be impaired and vice-versa. You must have enough knowledge of symptoms that are common and often go unnoticed in women cases so that immediate steps can be taken.

  • Numbness or weakness in leg, arm or face at a sudden – primarily on one side
  • Sudden vision problem with single or both eyes
  • Sudden feel of speech, confusion and understanding troubles
  • Trouble in walking; loss in co-ordination or balance and dizziness at a sudden
  • Acute headache at sudden with no clear cause
  • Vomiting or nausea problems at sudden
  • Hiccups
  • Single-sided pain in body
  • Extreme exhaustion

How to tackle with stroke patients?
In order to feel the best recovery chances, patients must be treated with patience and immediate response. In general, the stroke patient will suffer with at least two symptoms and as soon as they are witnessed; you should call for the emergency help. You can also call the person to speak a few words, bring smile on the face, raise both arms and if everything fails, act responsibly to get into emergency room of the nearby hospital.