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  • Can menopause drugs lead to an increase in blood clot? Can menopause drugs lead to an increase in blood clot?

    Many women who are about to reach the menopause or have reached the menopause stage tend to use the estrogen therapy drug. This drug is used in the treatment of menopause. And this therapy is said to increase the risk of having blood clots. read more



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Is cardiovascular health linked to cognitive functions?

According to the new research conducted by the American Heart Association, staying heart healthy as a adult may increase your chances of staying mentally sharp in your future midlife. Yes, the study stated that read more


Myths on breast cancer

When you feel that you are having a lump in your breast, it is reasonable to be concerned but not to draw conclusions. If you feel like something is not right, the best way to know it is by visiting and getting it cleared with your doctor. But read more


Is there a risk of developing heart disease after menopause ?

Heart disease keeps on rising with age. And many women think that heart diseases are meant only for men. Well, that is not the case. But when it comes to women, it is altoghther a different math. It is said by many doctors that there is a risk read more