[Physical activity, tool for the prevention and management of chronic diseases].

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[Physical activity, tool for the prevention and management of chronic diseases].

G Ital Med Lav Ergon. 2018 Jun;40(2):106-119

Authors: Capodaglio EM

OBJECTIVES: Physical activity is a key element in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of many diseases.
METHODS: In the context of an adequate lifestyle, its practice amplifies the health benefits and increases the fitness, and furthermore counteracts the development and progression of chronic non-communicable diseases, modulating many risk factors. Its function is important in all life cycles and helps to keep the functional capabilities and independence even with aging.
RESULTS: While inadequate physical activity (due to a sedentary lifestyle) is currently the fourth leading cause of mortality in developed countries, being one of the main public health issues, strong scientific evidences show that a regular and sufficient dose of physical activity reduces by about 30% the risk of premature death, cardiovascular disease and stroke, type II diabetes, colon and breast cancer, depression.
CONCLUSIONS: Several guidelines and recommendations define the type, intensity, frequency and duration of physical activity, and many lifestyle preventative interventions prove its effectiveness and sustainability. Although so far a minority of the population actually adheres to the recommendations, the epidemiological strenght of lifestyle-oriented programs is considerable: quitting sedentariness, even low doses of physical activity are protective for health and reduce by about 22 % the risk of premature death. Physical activity is also an important therapeutic tool for patients with cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes II, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases; an appropriate dosage reduces the risk of recurrence and disease progression, improves the control of clinical parameters and increases the patient's quality of life.

PMID: 30480395 [PubMed - in process]