Can sleeping disorders pose a risk to heart?

Woman Turning Off Alarm
Millions of Americans suffer from sleeping disorders like insomnia, narcolepsy and so on. One should have at least seven hours of sleep. If you have a good sleep, it is obvious that you will feel fresh and are more likely to stay active for the day. Incomplete sleep will only result in tiring. Studies show that incomplete sleep may result with the risk of cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure, heart attack and heart failure. And when it comes to women in particular, studies say that if a women has already suffered a heart attack and if she is having sleeping disorders then it is more likely that her heart health maybe at risk. And we know that heart diseases is a major problem for women than men.

Studies say that insufficient sleep or getting up early are associated with heart diseases. And they are more seen in women than men. The study went on for about 5 years long. The study consisted of 980 men and women. All of these people were suffering from some or the other heart diseases. The researchers found out that women who said that they have poor sleep experienced greater increases in levels of inflammation over the 5-year period than men.

Also a research conducted in the UK also stated that the heart diseases was linked to their sleeping patterns. Whereas, in Italy, the study stated that women with hypertension complained of sleeping problems. Evidence suggests that circadian rhythms in men and women are markedly different. Our circadian clocks are remarkably sensitive and precise, and even a small difference in circadian timing can have a significant impact on sleep. We need to continue to pay attention to gender differences in sleep, as a way to better understand, diagnose, and treat both sleep problems and the broad array of health concerns now associated with poor sleep.