Colon Cancer


Do not ignore the symptoms of colon cancer as it can happen to anybody
Colon cancer is the cancer of the rectum or the colon in the large intestine. It is one of the common types of cancers and unfortunately, the numbers of cases of cancer of the colon are increasing on a yearly basis. There are some other names for this type of cancer and they are:

  • Rectal cancer- Sometimes the cancer starts at the rectum which is located below the colon and towards the end of the large intestine and to be more precise about the location of the cancer, the name rectal cancer is used although it is not much different from colon cancer itself.
  • Colorectal cancer- The location of the colon and the rectum being quite adjacent to each other it is sometimes difficult to distinctly state whether the cancer has originated from the colon and spread to the rectum or otherwise. The symptoms and effects are similar for both. Therefore, colon or rectal cancer is unanimously called colorectal cancer.
  • Bowel cancer- It is the layman’s term for colorectal cancer as it starts from the linings of the bowel.

All these terms generally stand for the same type of cancer and Genetic analysis also demonstrates that colon tumor and rectal tumor are basically the same things. The symptoms of colorectal cancer are sometimes very difficult to detect because they look like the minor health issues of daily life. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Rectal bleeding- That is bleeding from the rectum which is generally noticed when the blood comes out with feces. It can make the passing of stool painful.
  • Anemia- That is the decrease of the hemoglobin level below 9% due to excessive loss of blood or reduced production of iron in the blood.
  • Irregular bowel syndrome- The normal metabolism of the body is most likely to be disturbed since the early stages of the cancer. Hindrances in metabolic processes like digestion and assimilation will cause the bowel system to become irregular.
  • Weight loss- An obvious result of the cancer is weakness and weight loss.

People often fail to recognize these signs of colon cancer because all of the above symptoms are thought to be occurring ‘just like that’. Rectal bleeding can simply happen due to dysentery, anemia, irregular bowel syndrome and weakness and weight loss are common in today’s busy and unhealthy lifestyle anyway. However, if any of these symptoms are found in any person all of a sudden, it must not be ignored because early detection leaves some chance of cure by surgery or chemotherapy but in the advanced stages, it is lethal.
Just like most other cancers, no reason has been established behind colon cancer. There are however some connections with:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Less than enough water intake
  • Old age
  • Underlying genetic disorders

However, it cannot be said that a young person leading a healthy life with no genetic disorders does not stand a chance to suffer from colon cancer so never ignore the signs.