Experiencing pain during sex? You may be suffering from Vulvodynia


Vulvodynia is a disease which is commonly seen in women during which they experience pain during sex but many times women are unaware of such a disease in fact they do not diagnoses it on time which is very dangerous for their health. Timely treatment is required in every disease because it not only cures the patient but also saves his body from the side effects of that disease. So the patient should consult his disease to his Doctor without any hesitation to stop suffering from this pain during sex. The main sub-types of Vulvodynia are explained below:-

  • Generalized Vulvodynia:-Under this Vulvodynia the sufferer faces pain in the different areas of vulva and at different time. The pain may be once or it may be constant as well but pressure and touch makes the pain worst for the sufferer.
  • Vulvar vestibulitis syndromes:-It pains in vestibule that is the entrance of vagina and this type of pain comes just after pressure or touch and especially during intercourse.

    These are the possible causes of this disease:

    • Hormonal changes
    • Muscles spasms.
    • Irritation or nerve injury.
    • Hypersensitivity to yeast infection.
    • Genetic factors.
    • Abnormal response in the Vulvar cells to a trauma or infection.
    • Frequent use of antibiotic.
    • Sexual abuse history.
    • Irritation or allergies to any substance or chemicals.

    Signs or symptoms of Vulvodynia
    The symptoms of Vulvodynia are seen suddenly and it may last for years or it may be only once but these are the symptoms with which it could be understood that whether a particular women is suffering from Vulvodynia. If it is found then it should be treated immediately before it is too late and needs to be diagnosed by the expert on time.


    • Rawness, burning or stinging.
    • Soreness, aching or throbbing.
    • Itching.

    How to treat Vulvodynia?
    There are various ways or medical treatments available through which Vulvodynia could be cured but apart from all these there are some most effective methods for Vulvodynia treatment are as follows:-

    • Physical therapy.
    • Always wear loose-fitting cloths.
    • No undergarment.
    • Ice.
    • Avoid sex.
    • Trigger point therapy.
    • Myofascial release.
    • Clitoral distraction by hand or with vibrator.
    • Clean with water after urination.
    • Avoid douching.
    • Make use of mild soap for cleaning and bathing.
    • Apply cool gel packs to reduce itching or pain.
    • Avoid exercise that put pressure on vulva.
    • Avoid use of tampons or pads with deodorants.
    • Don’t use bubble bath, deodorants or vaginal wipes.
    • Make use of lubrication for intercourse.
    • Avoid cycling because it puts pressure on the vulva which causes pain.

    So these are the ways through which the sufferer could take treatment for themselves and with little precautions or safety one can protect herself. These precautionary measures make the patient’s life easy and normal which is necessary for the betterment of their life that could make it happy and normal.