Is migraine and stroke connected?

Is migraine and stroke connected? Don’t know for sure? Try out this exercise- list down the symptoms of a migraine on sheet of the paper and list down the symptoms of a stroke on the other sheet of paper. What do you see? Right, the symptoms are same. And the worst part is that these symptoms are sometimes mistaken for each other. Studies have shown that if you get too much of migraines, there are chance of you have a stroke in the future and the main cause of this is the blood clot.

A stroke occurs when part of the brain does not get the required quantity of blood supply. Some people think that their migraine is a symptom of a stroke while others worry that they may get a stroke when they are having a migraine attack. There is little evidence to suggest that a stroke is more likely to occur during a migraine attack than at another time.

If you suddenly have a severe headache, loss of vision in one eye, and muscle weakness on one side of the body, get medical attention right away. It could be a migraine, but it could be a stroke. A doctor should see you to say for sure. Because of the hormones, women are more likely to have migraine than men. If you get a migraine ones, you are more likely to know when the next one is coming. It is like you see the flashing of lights. Also research states that those who have auras with their migraine have a greater risk of stroke than those who don’t get the auras. The chances are even higher if you smoke or take birth control pills.

Lifestyle change is one of the best options when it comes to reduce the chances of stroke. In case you are taking birth control pills, you should probably talk to your doctor about it before taking it. And if you smoke, then you know what to do- quit!

One of the main reasons for a stroke is high blood pressure. Try getting your blood pressure in control. Switching to a healthy diet and reducing the consumption of salt will definitely reduce the risk of a high blood pressure. Control cholesterol and sugar.