Unidentified Heart Attack symptoms

unidentefied heart attack symptoms _2

We all know the very well-known heart attack symptoms which includes chest pain. But there are many more symptoms that can be added to the heart attack symptoms list. Like mentioned before, our body communicates with us in a better way than with no one else. The best way to understand what goes wrong with your body, particularity the heart, is simply to listen to it.

Many a times women tend to have trouble breathing just few days before experiencing a heart attack. If you cannot get enough air, all of a sudden, that is right when you should be concerned. Also improper pain in the lower or the upper back can signal stress to the heart muscle. Doctors also say that many a times the heart doesn’t give a good signal and what happens instead is that the pain can give out on the neck, jaw or back. People who may experience a heart attack will complain of the pain traveling from the chest to the arms, jaw, neck, back and abdomen. The level of pain will certainly vary from person to person. Many who have survived a heart attack describe the pain as ‘an elephant dancing on the chest.’ While for others the pain could be simply minor and could describe it as a pain experienced during indigestion.

While there are people who may not experience any sort of chest pain at all. It is not like, more excruciating pain means serious heart attack. It is never the level of pain that is important in determining whether one has a heart attack or not. On the contrary, it is the overall pattern of the symptoms. Symptoms like flu are often seen before a heart attack. Also some experience other signs and symptoms like cold sweat, nauseated or lightheadedness.