Beware of urinary tract infections!


Beware of UTIs like Cystitis because you can actually prevent them if you try to
Urinary tract infections or UTIs are infections of the parietal or genital areas or any part of the urinary tract on a whole and can give you a lot of trouble if you catch any such infection. There are basically two kinds of UTIs determined on the basis of the exact location where the infection has started from. They are:

  • Cystitis- This is the name used when the lower part of the urinary tract including organs like the bladder or below are affected.
  • Pyelonephritis- This is marked by the infection of the kidney or the upper portions of the urinary tract.

The problem with cystitis is that it can often go undetected despite proper tests because the infection does not show up unless it has increased to some extent and that phase can be very painful. Women stand a higher risk of getting such infections due to the female anatomy itself. The genitals are closer to the infected floors of public toilets compared to the parietals. The percentage of women having had some kind of UTI or the other is as high as 50% that translates to every second woman having suffered from some kind of urinary tract infection at some point of their life.
Things to do in order to avoid the chances of getting infected with the bacteria that result in UTIs are:

  • Maintain good hygiene constantly and keep the area clean and dry.
  • Have safe sex and ensure that your partner is hygienic too.
  • Drink loads of water to flush out the toxins that accumulate in your kidneys or bladder.
  • And pass through the urinary tract.

The diagnosis of any some types of UTIs can be done considering the symptoms itself. UTIs being horribly common and frequent, gynecologists are familiar with most of the types of UTIs. There are types of cystitis that are easy to treat but have the tendency to recur. For those people affected by this type of infection, carrying their medicated cream wherever they go is recommended because the irritability or itchiness can start anytime and anywhere. For the kind of infection that gives more trouble, there are effective treatments too and attempts are being made to come up with a formula that can cure most kinds of UTIs and prevent the recurrence.

The effectiveness of antibiotics in such cases is debatable because these germs are steadily growing resistance to most known kinds of antibiotics. Also, consumption of antibiotics for the prevention of UTIs is not a healthy choice in itself because antibiotics have some side effects on the menstruation cycle and hormonal secretions. This is why, germicidal and fungicidal creams are recommended as they are effective on the infection and also harmless to the skin or system.

If you or anybody you know has been experiencing any irritation in sensitive parts of the body do not ignore it thinking it will be alright on its own. Your body gives you many signals before succumbing to infections that cause cystitis. Pay heed to those signals and take care of your lifestyle.