3 Fascinating myths about heart disease

Grimacing Senior Adult Woman At Kitchen Sink With Chest Pains.
It does not take long to transform few facts into common knowledge. And many a times during this transformation process a story evolves. These stories are not only wrong but also misleading which can lead to dangerous consequences. Here are the five dicey myths about heart disease.

  1. Smoking: Never believe a smoker when he or she says that he will stop smoking when he coughs or will fall out of breathe. It is never so! They never do it! Irrespective of how you might feel later or now, the time to stop smoking is NOW! Coughing is nothing but a sign that your inner breathing tubes have been damaged. But majority of the times, there are no clear signs until it is too late. Smoking is well known to cause different kind of cancer. Adding to this fact, smoking also develops blocked arteries. Smokers will think that quitting smoking will not make the arteries any good. Well, that is wrong! In fact the sooner a smoker quits smoking the process of blocking the arteries not only reduces but also allows them to improve over time. And the best deal that you make for yourself by quitting smoking is that the risk of heart attack and sudden death decreases by 50%!
  2. Drinking: Many people believe that a few drinks on a daily basis are good. Anything on a limited base is good, even drinking. Yes! That is right. Alcohol on a small quantity increases the amount of HDL, which is nothing but good cholesterol. This benefit occurs at around two drinks daily which means about 2 ounces of liquor, 16-24 ounces of beer, or two glasses of wine. But large quantity of liquor only leads to damage to heart muscle. Wines, particularly red wines, and dark beers appear to have additional anti-oxidant activities. One could switch to other beverages like tea, particularly green tea or juice, particularly grape juice just to get the wine feel on your tongue.
  3. Women or Young People do not have heart disease: The worst myth about heart disease is that ‘women do not get heart disease’ or ‘I am too young to have a heart attack.’ Doctors state that though women get affected by heart disease later than men, but women tend to catch up quickly with heart diseases. And even though female hormones are important in decreasing the incidence of blocked arteries, heart attacks can still occur. Also heart diseases can affect the young! Yes, that is right. Heart attacks can sometimes occur when people are in their 20’s and 30’s. And they are certainly uncommon by the time a person reaches 40 years of age.