Are birth control risking breast cancer?

So you must have heard of the new link or association of birth control with breast cancer. So what a set of studies said about this association is that consumption of oral contraceptive pills could possibly increase the risk of breast cancer. But another part of the study also states that this risk of having breast cancer can vanish after you have given up the pills for ten long years. The research on this part is not done yet. Some other studies have found out that no significant increase in risk.

But recently a new study revealed that the estrogen which is present in the birth control pills acts as an important link between the birth control and breast cancer. The journal Cancer Research recently published that women who end up taking more dosage of estrogen are highly risked of breast cancer.

A latest study from Washington University stated out that women who consumed more of high estrogen pills last year were more 2.7 times more likely to have breast cancer. While the ones who consumed a mild estrogen pill they were about 1.6 times highly prone to breast cancer and the low estrogen pills do not increase the risk of breast cancer.

The reason why more consumption of estrogen is likely to increase the risk of having breast cancer is that the female sex hormone called estrogen stimulates breast tissue growth. So the researchers believe that more dose of estrogen will develop the growth of cancer.

So to avoid the risk of having breast cancer what you can do is avoid consuming a high estrogen pills. And the best thing is that it would be better if you have a word with your doctor, as simple as that.