Breast cancer: very dangerous disease


Cancer that starts in the tissue of breast is called breast cancer. There are two types this disorder:

  • Ductal cancer.
  • And lobular cancer.

It may be noninvasive or invasive. Today, it is very common among women. Breast cancer is a very dangerous disease and has an adverse effect on the body. Sometimes, it leads to death also.

Causes :
Causes of this disorder are exactly not known. But, still there are many causes or many reasons that are responsible for the breast cancer. Some of the common causes or reasons are as follows;

Age and gender: The chances or the risk factor of developing cancer increases when you get older.50 plus women are likely to have more chances to develop breast cancer. So, age and gender is one of the cause or reason of breast cancer.

Alcohol use: Alcohol increases the chances of this disorder among females. Drinking alcohol daily increases the risk.

Family history: Family history f the breast cancer increases the chances of developing breast cancer among women. If you have a family history in breast cancer, then the chances of developing a this disorder is quite high.

Genes: Genetic factor is also responsible for developing breast cancer. So, genes is the another cause.

Child birth: During pregnancy and at the child birth, women are at a high risk of developing breast cancer, especially in the case of women over 30 years. Early age pregnancy reduces the chance of this disorder up to certain extent.

Menstrual cycle: Periods before the age 12 and menopause late (after the age of 50-55) increase the chances of breast cancer among women.

Obesity: Obesity is another reason or another that is also responsible for the breast cancer. It is found that women suffering from obesity are more likely to develop breast cancer as compared to the women who do not have obesity problem. So, these are some of the common causes or reasons that give birth to breast cancer.

Early breast cancer does not show any symptom so, examination of the breast from time to time is very important. As the cancer grows, common symptoms may include;

  • Breast lump is a very common symptom of breast cancer.
  • Change in the size, shape and feel of the nipples and breast.
  • Fluid coming from the nipples. Such fluid may be bloody, yellow, and green and sometimes look like pus.

So, these are the common symptoms among women.

Symptom of advanced stage breast cancer
Breast cancer in advanced stage symptoms are as follows;

  • Skin ulcers.
  • Bone pain. Breast discomfort or breast pain.
  • Weight loss.
  • Dwelling o in the armpit.

Treatment of breast cancer
If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage then it s possible to cure it. Surgery of the breast and many kinds of therapy are used as a part treatment.