Cancer symptoms

If you believe more in statistics rather than scientific theories, you should grasp it that cancer is responsible for 22% deaths in female sex which is really an alarming situation. In US alone, around 270000 women are killed by cancer which includes different types and categories of this fatal disease. Scientists are really afraid of the fact that breast cancer is the second topper in the killer list, following lung cancer at the top which is an alarm for women, of all ages and work areas. Women should think logically and practice some sort of lifestyle arrangements that can easily cut off the cancer risks, right from the beginning and this will help you in avoiding the pain of almost 1/3rd cancer diseases.

Prominent cancer symptoms commonly ignored by women
As per the explanations and reports of experts and doctors, women tend to ignore the most common and prominent cancer symptoms in their body, which gives boost to poor results at the end of cycle. Women of younger age often consider cancer as the custodian of older people which is far away from the truth. There are a few symptoms which are not worrying in nature but must be inspected at the earliest stage, to avoid initial onset of cancer in women.

  • Shortness of breath – Most of the women consider shortness of breath or wheezing problem as the symptom of asthma but it might also be the indicator of thyroid cancer which boasts of extreme breathing problems that must be immediately checked out.
  • Bloating – Bloating is also one of the major symptoms which indicates about ovarian cancer but women usually live with it. Ovarian cancer symptoms may also point towards the pelvic or ovarian pain and urinary issues that should not persist for a week or so otherwise; consultation with doctor becomes must for you.
  • Frequent weight loss – If women lose weight quickly in a month without any change in the lifestyle habits or exercise regime, this is a matter of worry. It may also result due to overactive thyroid.
  • Changes in breast – Self-examination of breast changes should be done in order to check for rashes, blemishes, thicker skin and nipple discharge in non-breastfeeding situations which may result in breast cancer. Medical tests such as MRI, ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy should be performed quickly.

Other cancer symptoms for women

  • Unusual bleeding between periods
  • Swallowing difficulty
  • Skin changes – moles, excessive scaling or bleeding
  • Stool or urine bleeding
  • Indigestion
  • Lymph node changes
  • Persistent cough and fatigue

How to treat cancer symptoms in women?

  • Women should maintain healthy weight.
  • They should avoid or quit smoking and taking excess of alcohol.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be high in diet.
  • Breast-feeding has been reported a good act for reducing risks of breast cancer.
  • Protect your skin from sun and harmful rays when you are out.
  • Some types of cancer can be immediately controlled by doing physical activities and exercise on regular basis.
  • Take cancer symptoms serious and get them checked out at the earliest stage.