Is there a risk of developing heart disease after menopause ?

Heart disease keeps on rising with age. And many women think that heart diseases are meant only for men. Well, that is not the case. But when it comes to women, it is altoghther a different math. It is said by many doctors that there is a risk of heart diseases after menopause. Just to clear the air, menopause does not cause cardiovascular disease. But other factors like smokimg, excessive consumotion of alchohol, consuming a high fat diet at the earlier stages of life can further lead to the risks of heart disease after menopause.

Menopause is part of the natural phase of any women’s life. So, one should never treat it like a disease. Usually, menstrual periods permanently stops between 50- 55 years of age. Approximately, 35, 000 American women under the age of 50 have a heart attack each year. A considerable increase of heart disease after menopause is seen right after 10 years of mentrual periods stopping.

The reason for the risk of heart disease after menopause is said to be due to the decline in the natural hormone estrogen. The extrogen plays a positve effect on the inner layer of artery wall. This helps to keep the blood vessels felxible. But some doctors are of the opinion that one should avoid postmenopausal hormone therapy to just reduce the risk of heart diseases. Once menopause hits you, you will start noticing chages in your body. Your blood pressure will start hitting up. The bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol may increase with HDL, which is the good cholesterol, falling or reamining constant.

It is advisable to gulp down at least 4- 5 glasses of fruit juices or vegtable juices, 6-7 servings per day of fiber-rich whole grains based on a 2000 calorie diet and variety of nutritious foods each week such as fatty fish, unsalted nuts and legumes. One should at least practice exrecise for 150 minutes each week to avoid the increasing risk of heart diseases. Walking, cycling, dancing, doing yoga, aerobic exercises or swimming will certainly help you. Also, one could have a regular heart screening. To be more precised women post menopause should get their cholesterol checked every five years, blood pressure checked at least every two years, blood glucose levels checked every three years, waist circumference checked as needed and body mass index checked during every regular healthcare visit.

If one has followed a healthy lifestyle right from the beginning and continue to maintain it after menopause as well will reduce the risk of heart disease after menopause.