Could morning sickness be a best part of being pregnant?

A new study was published in the Reproductive Toxology journal stating that morning sickness which is experienced by every pregnant women may not be very pleasant but it is the best thing. Yes it is true. The study did an in depth research on the morning sickness and its effect on pregnancy. So the study stated that women while they are pregnant if experience vomiting and get nauseated then they have a 55%-80% of lower chance of miscarriage as compared to women who didn’t feel either vomiting and nauseated. And on top of that such women tend deliver a healthy baby.

The researchers also found out that the link between morning sickness and lower rates of pre-term birth. If there is a pre-term birth, it often complicates the situation. Further the studies also observed that if the mother experienced extreme nausea, the intelligent testing of such kids were more when they got older than the mothers who did not experience much of vomiting or nausea.

But it is important to know that if you are not vomiting much or are not nauseated, it is completely normal. There is nothing to worry about. But you must be wondering why some pregnant women get this awfully bad morning sickness, no? It seems that this happening of morning sickness and the benefits are all linked to the hormones. So there is this hormone called Beta hCG which the doctors use to see if the women is pregnant. So some how the morning sickness is related to this hormone rising.

So if you are suffering really bad from the god awful morning sickness, congratulations, you are having a healthy pregnancy time. But do not be worried if you do not have morning sickness that very often and even if you get over worried over this, always have a word with your doctor about it.