Symptoms and Causes of skin cancer

The world has been on a constant highway of development. And this is the reason why the world is facing so much of trouble. The way world is changing it is also causing a lot of problem to the entire population and the society as whole. One of the deadliest results of this kind of changing environment and industrialization is skin cancer. Unfortunately this is one of the skin diseases that are increasing day by day. Every minute some or the hospital reports a case on this disease. This disease is also known as skin neoplasm and can prove to be very fatal to the people who become a victim of this deadly disease. These are usually named after the kind of cells they originate from and are a result of the cancerous growth of cell which takes place in the lowest epidermal layer of the skin. When it is found in the lowest layer it may be called the basal cell cancer, when it found somewhere in the middle layer it is known as the squamous cell cancer, and melanoma if it is found growing in the pigment producing cells of the skin. The first one is the most common one and the last one is the most fatal one and is the rarest of them all.

The causes of cancer of any form have been unknown from the beginning. Whether it is skin cancer or any other form of cancer, the researchers have never been able to find out and pin point the exact cause of this disease. But even after years of studies there are some causes and the people who study about these diseases do believe that these causes can be a reason why a person suffers from cancer as the people who are not exposed to it prove to be less prone to it. Few of the causes that has been discovered are-

  1. Immunosuppressive medication for any reason increases the risk of getting skin cancer.
  2. Radiation which includes ionization and environments which have carcinogens are basically the main causes. Tanning beds, UV radiations, and other form of radiations are the main reasons too.
  3. If one have chronic and non healing wounds that will also give rise to this disease.
  4. There is a syndrome called congenital melanocytic nevi syndrome which are genetic and can at times be a reason why cancerous cell can be found. 20 mm when exceeds in the case of a nevi that might also result in cancer.
  5. Squamous cell cancer can be caused when one has HPV infections. One can always be careful and avoid and treat such infections so that it might not further result in something that is as disastrous and as dangerous.
  6. Smoking tobacco. Though it is a reason which is widely given for lung cancer it is also a reason for causing the above mentioned disease. There are so many factors and reasons which can be avoided and one can protect the skin and other body parts from cancer and other allergic diseases.