What are the major reasons for Hair Loss?


Hair loss has become a major problem for every one today and especially in women they are losing their hairs in the early age and it is very much necessary to understand the reasons for hair loss. When a woman loses her hair then it troubles her a lot in everything because hair is the beauty of a woman and with many of these reasons of hair loss her beauty is also losing which cause various problem in her life. It cause lack of confidence and they separate themselves from the society, friends or colleagues only because of hair loss so it is important to understand the reasons of hair loss and treatment them on time. So some of the common causes of hair loss are as follows:-

  • After child birth:-Most of the women lose their hairs during pregnancy because at that time the Estrogen Hormones gets very high and after delivery it goes back to normal level which ultimately become reason of hair loss.
  • Medication:-When a woman takes those medicines which cause hair loss then they need to face this problem.
  • Surgery:-Many women also lose their hairs after a particular surgery.
  • Crash diet:-Improper food habits or lack of nutrition is also the reason for hair loss.
  • Stress:-It also one of the reason for hair loss because during the stress the production of inhibits androgen increase which shrinks the hair follicles.
  • Thyroid:-When a woman suffers from this disease then she generally loses her hair.
  • Heredity:-Usually if the grandmother or mother has faced the problem of hair loss then the next generation will definitely face this problem.
  • Chemo therapy:-If a woman is having chemo therapy then her hair loss is definite.
  • Menopause:-When a woman faces hormonal changes then it causes hair loss.
  • Auto immune problem of system:-It is also called as Alopecia and there are many forms of this disease which only causes hair loss.

Natural ways to overcome the major reasons for hair loss Problem
There are some natural ways through which a women can overcome from her hair loss problem to some extent and these are as follows:-

  • Regularly massaging on the scalp using hair oil increases the blood circulation of the head and which is good for healthy hair.
  • Mixture of olive oil and egg York is also very beneficial for the growth of the hair.
  • Warm oil works like a medicine for the hair and messaging the hair with this is the best treatment for the growth and health of the hair.
  • Mix two bags of green tea with hot water and then applies this solution on the scalp of the hair and after an hour wash the hair it is very beneficial for the hair.
  • Make use of ginger and garlic juice before going to bed and message it on the hair and then wash the hair next morning. This is very beneficial for the hair because it helps in the fertility of the hair.
  • Healthy diet is also important for the betterment of the hair so prepare a diet plan and then eat accordingly.