7 Ways of reducing stress at work

One of the many reasons for people taking sick leave is that of stress at work. Stress is experienced at some point or another at work. People working find it hard to realize the stress at work until it becomes a burden. Worrying about the task to be completed on time leads to stress at work. Stress to an extend can also affect the ability to carry your work. Psychologists states that fatigue is primarily caused by anxiety, illness, poor diet and sleeping disorder.

  1. To reduce stress at work, one should simply stop worrying. People tend to worry about next days work right in their present. So here is a quick tip- live one day at a time. Let the worry for tomorrow hang on until tomorrow.
  2. Always try to be positive about your work. Let go off the negative vibes that holds back your dreams and hopes. Always encourage yourself and pat yourself on the back for accomplishing any task that you are involved it.
  3. One must certainly kill the attitude of ‘having things perfect.’ Because at work place, all the task includes a team work and your certainly cannot give the attitude of ‘my way or the highway.’ Never be too hard on yourself. And never declare yourself a fool for aiming so high and not meeting that goal.
  4. Never make your profession as your life. Always spend quality time with friends and family. On weekend travel to a near by resort or hill station once a month.
  5. There is no stress that cannot be relieved by hearing some music. Listen to your favorite music in between office breaks or after lunch.
  6. Sleeping is very important task. 8 hours sleep is a must!. If you have had enough sleep for the night then the next day at work you will feel extra active and certainly can get through the hectic schedule at work. Avoid excessive intake of caffeine at work.
  7. Exercise! Even moderate amount of exercise, like walking or taking the stairs than the elevator will keep you fit and active. This way you will have more energy and require less sleep.