Common Symptoms of Depression


Depression is the condition when the person feels lonely, lifeless, apathetic or empty for a longer period of a time but it does not mean that only with this condition it could be said that the person is suffering from depression as their as many other symptoms of this disease. It differs from person to person and every person has different signs or symptoms which say that the person is suffering from which type of depression. Some of the common symptoms of depression are as follows:-

  • Feeling of hopelessness or helplessness:-When a person start feeling that there is no way to make his life better or the situation will ever improve that means the person is suffering from depression.
  • Weight changes or appetite:-Signification in the weight of the person that means sudden weight loss or weight gain with in a period of month.
  • Lack of interest in routine activities:-When a person loses interest in his routine work and does not wants to feel pleasure or joy.
  • Sleep changes:-Oversleeping or insomnia that means walking the early morning.
  • Irritability or anger:-Feeling violent or even restless all the time and the person is becoming short temper.
  • Loss of energy:-When the person feels fatigue and it puts lots of burden even in doing a small work or the person feel very heavy in his whole body.
  • Reckless behavior:-when the person engages himself in reckless driving, playing dangerous games, gambling or substance abuse.
  • Self-loathing:-Feeling of guilt and criticizing himself for perceived mistakes or faults.
  • Concentration problem:-When it becomes difficult to concentrate on a particular work and even in remembering things and also in decision making.
  • Unexplained pains and aches:-Increased in physical pain such as stomach pain, back pain headache and aching muscles.

What are the types of Depression?
It is important to understand the type of depression you are facing and every types has its unique symptoms that helps in understating the type of depression the person is facing. After knowing the type timely treatment can bring the person out of it. So these are the types of depression as follows:-

  • Major depression:-under this depression the person becomes unable in enjoying his life and could not experience pleasure. In fact his symptoms of major depression lasts for more than six month then it means the person is suffering from major depression which needs to treated immediately.
  • Dysthymia [mild depression, recurrent]:-It is a low grade depression and its symptoms last for two years after the treatment but the person can come out of it with regular practice and zeal to live life in a better way because its symptoms are not that strong like major depression.
  • Bipolar disorder:-It is called the cyclic mood changes of the sufferer and after each episode the symptoms may last for several weeks. It is very difficult to treat this type of depression but in the early stage of depression it could be cured with right medical treatment and at a right time only.