One of the basic necessities of a human body- Sleep


As we all know, the world had begun with the advent of human beings. Irrespective of how it all began, human beings have always been the kind of creatures who knew what they wanted and what they required in order to survive and live a healthy life. So when consciousness awakened in them they knew that food and sleep were the two things they could do anything without. They needed to survive and grow, and hence these were the two requirements. And the rest just followed.

What it actually is
Sleep is something that is a phenomenon which is seen in animals and human beings, in living creatures basically, and not non living things. It is natural and recurring phenomenon which is unavoidable and necessary. It is seen when the conscious state of the creature is usually altered and that person or animal is termed as asleep. There are absolutely nil voluntary activities and sensory activities. The voluntary muscles are in a very relaxed state and are not on a working mode. The state which human beings achieve during sleep is the anabolic state.

The act of sleeping is usually related to the art and mechanism in human beings which is considered as a rejuvenating phase or a redressing phase. The human body when asleep tends to be in a state which has minimum activates related to volunteering. The voluntary muscles are relaxed and they aren’t using the energy which the body has. It is an energy conservation mode. The daily routine of human beings usually results in a lot of wear and tear of the tissues. These tissues need to be repaired and redressed and that is what happens when a person is sleeping. It is a universal phenomenon and is seen in every living being. The subject mentioned though mentioned above is a topic of research still but partially we know its purposes and requirements. The metabolistic function is mentioned above and apart from that one does not know any other purpose.

As the world progressed one thing we all got to know that human beings developed and they eventually came to a time when their work and their surrounding lead them into discomfort. For example the way human beings have changed their lifestyle, currently that’s the reason why they are facing sleep disorder. They say that an adult human being requires at least a certain amount of sleep. And it is a necessity because if it does not go on like that, one faces a lot of problem. Problems related to this are few, and some of them are mentioned below-

  • Insomnia is one problem that every other person faces, which is a state where a person is unable to sleep. This further gives rise to various kinds of problems.
  • When a person does not have a proper sleep cycle, he or she may face problems like headaches, blurry eyesight, despaired attention, low focus and concentration and hearing defects.
  • Apart from the above mentioned problems he or she may also face restlessness, improper eating habits and lack of consciousness. If avoided it can prove to be fatal.