Physical inactivity and heart disease is like two to tango

Besides the bliss of a luxurious life, the ever increasing technology is also responsible for turning us into couch potatoes. This has reduced the human level of physical activities which is very essential to have a healthy life. WHO, the World Health Organization stated that more than 60% of the global population is sufficiently inactive. This has lead to the cause of many diseases. Doctors even further stated that physical inactivity and heart disease are highly connected to each-other. Doctors further state that of one is physically active, it is expected that that person will have a long span of life and not only that but a healthier one as compared to the ones who are inactive. Being physically active, be it any age, protects a person against many diseases, especially the ones related to heart.

Physical activity it said to help you in maintaining body weight and in improving the body’s use of insulin. To add more, staying physically active also helps in maintaining normal blood pressure, blood lipid levels, blood glucose levels, blood clotting factors, the health of your blood vessels and inflammation, which is powerful promoter of cardiovascular disease.

Doing more than 150 minutes of exercise on a daily basis will reduce you risk of having a heart diseases by 30%. A middle aged women doing less than one hour of exercise per week doubles her risk of having a heart diseases in the near future as compared to a physically active woman of the same age. Also if you are currently suffering from a heart diseases or have suffered one in the past, being physically active is advised. Studies suggest that this may lower risk of premature death as compared to the inactive people who have no risk of any cardiovascular diseases. Being physically inactive will only lead to hypertension and obesity. It is also stated that being inactive from 22 years of age leads to increase in blood pressure and obesity.

One can stay physically active by even walking for an hour. The whole concept of being physically active doesn’t mean that one has to become a gym rat. Small exercises like taking the stairs instead of the elevators, swimming, walking, cycling, etc. are good.

Just small increases in physical activities will definitely break the long lasting connection between physical inactivity and heart disease. So the next time you see a stair case, use it to avoid the risk of having any heart diseases.