Strategies and principles of living healthy

Strategies and principles of living have given a window to women’s health and fitness which prompt them to go for a lifestyle change and live healthy for a longer time. Of course, information handouts, website resources and doctors will mention plenty of things, tricks and health tips which are not possible to follow all the time but all these things can be set specific from the clutter which becomes easier to apply. Living healthy is really a boon if it is achieved manually and by applying certain long term strategies to your lifestyle and food intake. Of course, human body comprise of several organs and senses which want to remain intact, fit and healthy but there will be eventually different assignments for each of the body parts. Women are facing tough phases when it comes to vision, beauty, skin smoothness, heart, sexual problems and of curse; chronic diseases. They are also finding it hard to compensate for increasing risks of depression and anxiety at different life stages which requires immediate medical attention.

Fight against cold & flu season

  • Women should always believe in the task of hand washing after handling shared items or things which will keep your body away from virus and bacteria.
  • Prevention for the cold and flu required the person to sleep enough, exercise regularly, control stress level and take good & healthy diet.
  • Women should never touch mouth and nose after touching shared items which is what will keep your healthy and free from germs.

Gynecology issues (menopause)

  • Women who are facing heart disease of breast cancer will be certainly afraid of HT or hormone therapy. They can easily start with HT if they are living within the time frame of 3-5 years of surgical or normal menopause.
  • You must keep yourself sexually active to boost immune system and remaining closely bonded to the life partner.
  • If you are facing some sort of vaginal dryness, try to take certain medications such as ring, creams and tablets rather than giving preference to systemic HT which has risk of breast cancer.

Healthy digestion

You can simply improve your digestion power by taking enough vegetables and fresh fruits along with fibrous whole-grains in your diet. Women should always maintain a healthy weight after 40 because overweight may be cause of esophageal cancer, hemorrhoids and GERD.

Oncologist tips

  • Stay at healthy weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain healthy diet
  • Consider Vitamin D essential for your health.

Aging problems
When you are aged, you will come across numerous health problems and lifestyle changes but try to adapt with them rather than wage a war against such situations. Experienced gerontologist suggests that regular moves and physical activity will always keep women after 51 healthy and independent.

Dermatologist tips

  • Apply products with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide for sensitive skin in the morning when skin needs the most.
  • Use retinoid in night to repair your skin.
  • Take proper diet, sleep and quit smoking to improve skin looks and smoothness.

Sleeping is always essential

You cannot remain healthy until you take enough sleep and this means you will have to move your body and exercise for tiredness which prompts human body to rest.