Can Yoga improve health?


We all know that yoga has an ancient history for promoting both physical and mental health. This all results into a spiritual growth. Yoga is considered at relieving the symptoms of mild depression, even when people do not take antidepressant. Yoga also helps you to get a better sleep and this fact was seen by 25% of US adults who happen to take sleep medications. It is also believed that yoga causes chemical changes on the body which are similar to antidepressant, psychotherapy.

Yoga is very well known to maintain flexibility and it is a great stress buster. Doing yoga on a regular base will not only give you a beautiful curvy body but can also help you find inner peace. A Norwegian study stated that yoga practice will boost your immunity power. Also people who suffer from migraine, find the migraines less painful just after 2-3 months of yoga practice. Try lying on your back with knees bent along with your hip a distant above the ground. See to it that your hands are resting in the ground while doing so. Now raise your hips towards the sky and press down and support yourself with the help of hands and legs. Also keep your shoulder in line with the help of your neck. Lift your chest upwards along with the chin.

Yoga is also said to boost your sexual performance. Researchers say that just practicing yoga for just 12 weeks can improve your sexual desires, performance, arousal and confidence and satisfaction for both, woman and man. This is done by practicing yoga alone. It helps in increasing the blood flow into the genital area. Also the breathing and mind control while practicing yoga helps in improving its effect. Sit down with feet close with knees bend reaching the ground.

It is also proved that practicing yoga for a period of eight weeks helps you getting a better sleep. This is more observed among people who suffer from insomnia. A twice weekly practiced yoga also helped the cancer survivors to sleep better. Doing breathing while performing yoga helps you to get a control over your mind which results in a better sleep at night. Savasana is the final pose in a yoga class and is meant to restore the body. One could do this by simply laying on the back with legs and arms slightly apart on its sides. Breathing in and out will help you relax your muscles and mind.