Acellular bovine pericardium matrix in immediate breast reconstruction compared with conventional implant-based breast reconstruction

JPRAS Open. 2021 Mar 27;29:1-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jpra.2021.03.005. eCollection 2021 Sep.


BACKGROUND: Acellular Bovine Pericardium Matrix (ABPM) is a new material in implant-based breast reconstruction (IBBR). Few studies have reported on its outcome and complications worldwide and most studies were without a control group. Our aim was to compare its use in IBBR with the other two conventional implant-based reconstruction methods.

METHODS: A retrospective review of patients undergoing IBBR from January to December 2018 was performed. Patients were assigned to the ABPM-assisted IBBR (group A), latissimus dorsi-assisted IBBR (group B) and two-stage IBBR (group C). Patients’ post-operative complications, cost-effectiveness and Quality of Life were compared.

RESULTS: 100 patients with 100 breasts were included in the study. No complications occurred in group C (n = 11). No significant differences were noted between group A (n = 44) and group B (n = 45) in terms of overall complications (9.1% vs 11.1%, p = 0.973). Group B had the longest operative duration (310.8 ± 62.3 min, p<0.001). The cost of hospitalization forthe three groups was $8051.3 ± 849.2, $7566.0 ± 1172.7 and $7896.5 ± 1762.2, respectively (p = 0.128). The postoperative Breast-Q scores were similar across the three groups.

CONCLUSIONS: ABPM demonstrated acceptable complication rates, cost-effectiveness and quality of life outcomes when compared to LD-assisted IBBR and two-stage IBBR.

PMID:33937472 | PMC:PMC8079238 | DOI:10.1016/j.jpra.2021.03.005