Evaluating a Sexual Health Patient Education Resource.

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Evaluating a Sexual Health Patient Education Resource.

J Adv Pract Oncol. 2015 May-Jun;6(3):242-8

Authors: Matzo M, Troup S, Hijjazi K, Ferrell B

This article shares the findings of an evaluation of a patient teaching resource for sexual health entitled Everything Nobody Tells You About Cancer Treatment and Your Sex Life: From A to Z, which was accomplished through systematic conceptualization, construction, and evaluation with women diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer. This resource, which has evolved from patient-focused research and has been tested in the clinical setting, can be used in patient education and support. Oncology professionals are committed to addressing quality-of-life concerns for patients across the trajectory of illness. Sexuality is a key concern for patients and impacts relationships and overall quality of life. Through careful assessment, patient education, and support, clinicians can ensure that sexuality is respected as an essential part of patient-centered care.

PMID: 26557411 [PubMed]