Helping Patients Make Choices about Breast Reconstruction: A Decision Analysis Approach.

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Helping Patients Make Choices about Breast Reconstruction: A Decision Analysis Approach.

Plast Reconstr Surg. 2014 Oct;134(4):597-608

Authors: Sun CS, Cantor SB, Reece GP, Fingeret MC, Crosby MA, Markey MK

SUMMARY: Decision analysis can help breast reconstruction patients and their surgeons to methodically evaluate clinical alternatives and make hard decisions. The purpose of this article is to help plastic surgeons guide patients in making decisions though a case study in breast reconstruction. By making good decisions, patient outcomes may be improved. This article aims to illustrate decision analysis techniques from the patient perspective, with an emphasis on her values and preferences. The authors introduce normative decision-making through a fictional breast reconstruction patient and systematically build the decision basis to help her make a good decision. The authors broadly identify alternatives of breast reconstruction, propose types of outcomes that the patient should consider, discuss sources of probabilistic information and outcome values, and demonstrate how to make a good decision. The concepts presented here may be extended to other shared decision-making problems in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In addition, the authors discuss how sensitivity analysis may test the robustness of the decision and how to evaluate the quality of decisions. The authors also present tools to help implement these concepts in practice. Finally, the authors examine limitations that hamper adoption of patient decision analysis in reconstructive surgery and health care in general. In particular, the authors emphasize the need for routine collection of quality-of-life information, out-of-pocket expense, and recovery time.

PMID: 25357022 [PubMed – in process]