My Great North (Run) Wiggle for breast cancer research

My Great North (Run) Wiggle for breast cancer research

Colin is running (or as he says “wiggling”) the Bupa Great North Run today as part of our amazing team!

We asked him how he was feeling and why he wanted to take part:


“I’m a little nervous for Sunday! Not so much about the run, more getting from home to the start line in the dress! I’ve run the Great North Run in the past and the amazing atmosphere gets you round – there is so much support from the North East people.


I’ll be honest, a year ago I’d never have given breast cancer research a second thought but then, out of the blue, a very dear friend told us she had found a lump and it was breast cancer. I truly believe she wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for the fantastic work the breast cancer researchers have done. I wanted to do something to help, but as I found out there’s not a lot you can do but be there for the person and raise money to help fight this. Being a typical bloke I tend to hide my emotions and not talk about things like this but one thing I can do is make a fool of myself, so I decided to run a half marathon in fancy dress .


The fantastic support I’ve received since I’ve started fundraising has been amazing. I honestly set out to raise as much possible to help Breast Cancer Campaign but never dreamed I’d raise over £1,000. I set targets thinking I’d be safe! So at £350 sponsorship I agreed to run in the dress in the photo, at £600 I’d wear a pink wig, at £1,000 I’d colour the beard pink. I was astounded at that point so had to think of new ideas. £1,100 I’d wear pink makeup and £1,200 I’d carry 30 helium breast cancer pink balloons and then ran out of ideas.


Everyone running the Bupa Great North Run this year for Breast Cancer Campaign has my utmost respect, whether young or old, in costume or not. If we work together in raising as much as possible, breast cancer can become a thing of the past.”

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