Is Hysterectomy necessary for diagnosis of ovarian cyst??


Enlighten yourself to the lesser known facts about hysterectomy
One of the commonest gynecological surgeries is hysterectomy that is the surgical removal of the uterus alone or of the uterus along with ovaries, fallopian tubes and the whole reproductive system. On the basis of the organs removed, the surgery can be classified into two broad categories listed below:

  • Partial or supracervical surgery- That is the removal of the uterus lining while leaving the cervix intact.
  • Total or complete surgery- This involves the removal of the entire reproductive system including the uterus lining, the cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes what is collectively called the ‘fundus’.

A recent survey has revealed that the rate of hysterectomy has increased by 90% in the last decade and this has given rise to many questions regarding the advice for the surgery. It is considered that the surgery is being done on women who do not need it done as there is no known reason or record for the real need for the operation to go up this high in such a short span of time! Hence, if your gynecologist says that you need your uterus lining removed ask him or her if it is absolutely necessary and why. Even if the reasons seem convincing enough, take a second opinion from another gynecologist.

For non-malignant cases a number of other treatments and surgeries are coming up therefore the rate of hysterectomy is expected to fall in the near future of medical science. There are a number of disadvantages of going through the process of hysterectomy and they are:

  • Permanent infertility- Obviously the woman who does not have her uterus and ovaries or any of these anymore cannot become a biological mother. Though it seems quite an issue, this cannot be a reason to not get the surgery done if it is needed because it is supposed to be suggested only when it is absolutely necessary for the very survival of the patient and in such cases the patient is already rendered unable to bear children due to the complications itself.
  • Fall in immunity, general immunity and hemoglobin level- The female body has a number of hormones which keep the reproductive system healthy and ready to bear a child. When not pregnant, the woman gets a lot of nourishment and strength from these hormones. However, when the reproductive organs are removed, the body does not secrete these hormones anymore, it deprives the body of the complete nourishment it naturally used to receive.

Hysterectomy is required when there are chances of ovarian cancer or cancer in any part of the uterus. Therefore, it must not be ignored when two or more gynecologists insist you to get it done. Generally doctors do not recommend surgery unless absolute necessary and definitely not those surgeries that would result in the end of all chances of conceiving a baby!
Therefore, know your body well and make sure you do what it requires. Consult the best gynecologists in town before taking any step towards any kind of surgical procedure.