Sad and Happy at the same time? you are suffering from Bipolar disorder


A person suffering from Bipolar disorder may face problems of instant mood swings, constant change in behavior, uneasiness or thoughts of the sufferer may jump from extreme high level to the low depression level which is called Bipolar disorder or manic depression. The cycle of this disease may last for a day, week or months unlike ordinary swings of mood under this the mood changes because of bipolar disorder. The sufferer starts going away from his school, office or work places or feels very restless and even feels very hopeless or depressed. The symptoms of this disease differ from person to person while in some people frequent mood swings are seen whereas in others it is seen only for few times over a life time. Every person and their personality differ from each other so their behavioral pattern or reaction to a particular situation also differs.
phases of Bipolar Disorder

  • Bipolar I Disorder [mixed episode or being maniac]:-It includes at least one mixed episode or one manic episode and usually it includes one episode of depression.
  • Bipolar II Disorder [depression and hypomania]:-Under this illness the person does not experience full episode of being maniac in fact he faces severe depression and episodes of hypomania.
  • Cyclothymiacs [mild depression and hypomania]:-It is a milder form of bipolar disorder that causes cyclic mood swings
    Basic treatment for Bipolar Disorder
  • It is a long term treatment so the person should take the treatment continuously even if his/her health is well and feels that he is alright.He/She needs to do meditation for avoiding further new episodes and to keep the symptoms away.
  • Only meditating is not the treatment for bipolar disorder in fact the person needs to have combination of lifestyle changes, social support, therapy or meditation all these together for the betterment of his health.
  • The psychiatrist should be experienced enough for handling his patients well because bipolar disorder is a complex disease and it is very difficult to handle it in a proper well defined manner.

Self treatment for Bipolar Disorder
Apart from medical help the sufferer can treat his disorder through various ways which are more beneficial than any other treatment and this also motivates the person for fighting against his disease and treating it in a better way. So some of the self treatment methods for Bipolar disorder are as follows:-

  • Get Educated: It the best way to treat oneself.The sufferer should learn more about this disease and should assist himself for his own recovery.
  • Seek support: Support from friends and family members increase the strength of the sufferers and motivates them to fight for the betterment of their health so for this suffers should join support group or should seek help of their dear friends also.
  • Keep on stress check: The sufferer should keep his life balanced and should avoid the situation of high stress and for this meditation, relaxation technique, yoga or deep breathing is beneficial.
  • Make healthy choice: Healthy sleeping, exercising and eating habits stabilize the mood of the sufferer.
  • Monitor your mood: Keep check of your mood swings so that you can handle the situation before it starts.