Most common and prominent pains

Human body gives a number of signals owing to disorders, health issues and pains which reflect that personality or health status of the person is not going well. Of course, you might come across different types of pains such as headache, pelvic pain, intercourse pain, chest pain, lower back pains and leg pain but there are always steps and suggestions which will prevent you from getting such aches. Women all over the world are highly prone to different body situations which ultimate result in severe or mild body ache in various organs or parts of the body. There is no denying the fact that you should call for the immediate medical attention in such conditions but it is a lot better to know more about the types of pain, causes of particular body ache and symptoms for the same thing so that you are better prepared at mental level. We will see here some of the most common and prominent pains that occur in women on frequent basis along with the ways & methods they are effectively treated.

  • Chest pain:

    This is what occurs commonly in women in different forms and orientations that need to be tackled on immediate basis. Of course, there are certain situations which act as the best indicators for chest pain but they must be managed well in all ways. Indicative symptoms of chest pain in women are:

    • First type body pain upper portion
    • Breath shortness
    • Slight pain in heart on rampant or discontinuous basis
  • Abdominal pain due to gas or bloating:
    It should be noted here that abdominal pain caused due to bloating or gas in stomach is a severe sign of ovarian cancer which needs immediate medical attention. As per the latest research, women are more exposed to ovarian cancer if they are facing symptoms like eating problems, abdominal pain, pelvic pain, gas or bloating of any kind. Immediately consult a doctor if you are facing similar problems for last two to three weeks.
  • Leg pain and swelling:
    Blood clotting or DVT, Deep Vein Thrombosis may be the possible cause of leg pain along with swelling which appears red or warm to you when touched with fingers. Ultrasound and CT scan are latest medical procedures that will track the clot for your doctor otherwise; the clot will travel freely in your body to different body organs such as lungs to stop oxygen supply. Physicians may also provide you with standard blood thinners to dissolve the clot in half or a year.
  • Back pain with toe-tingles:
    There is always a risk of nerve damage for women if they are suffering with regular and persistent back pain, with tingling toes which usually occurs due to pressure of discs on the spinal nerve. This is not a good sign of your back health and you must consult your doctor or physician on immediate basis to get treatment.
  • Acute pain in sides:
    This is never a favorable condition for women who are feeling fever along with sharp side pain and nausea because this may be the symptom for appendicitis. Ovarian cyst may also be the consequence for such side pains and this will fetch acute pain when sacs rupture. Surgical procedures are quite effective here to eliminate the cyst.