A lot of people suffer from Psoriasis, so we should know what it is actually


There are so many skin diseases in the world. Every other person has some problem or the other and most of the times are unaware of what he is suffering from. One of the most common skin problems that we comes across, that every other man or woman is suffering from is psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin problem which is very common and hence it is very important to know what it actually is, what are its initial symptoms, and how can it be cured.

  • Every word that is used in any medical condition has derived from some other language and same is the case over here. The above mentioned word is also derived from some other language. It comes from a Greek word and is also known as psoriasis vulgaris and it literally means a condition in which itching is common, or something likes ‘being itchy’. The whole can be divided into parts. Psora which means ‘itch’ and sis which means ‘an action or condition’.
  • This is a chronic disease and can be seen in the common people; say about three to eight of the total population can be seen suffering from this skin disease. If we have to put it in simple terms we can say that it is an ‘immune-mediated skin disease’. It is common and may affect the joints. Though this can also be very severe, there exists a proper treatment too.

    This disease is characterized by a lot of other symptoms, some of them are:

    • The skin becomes dry and keeps deteriorating
    • The skin appears scaly
    • There are so many patches which start appearing on the skin, erythmatous which is the redness is the patch which appears
    • Papules and plaques are noticed
    • Pruritic nature of the skin appears

    There are mainly five types or kinds of this disease that has been noticed till date. It is categorized as:

    • Erythrodermic
    • Pustular
    • Inverse
    • Guttate
    • Plaque

    Parts which get affected:
    It is a skin disease and plaque is the most common form of psoriasis. Epidermis is what faces the most loss as red and white patches appears there only. It might also accumulate at different places and one would not realize. It can appear almost everywhere but elbows and knees are the sites which are most affected. It might also appear in the scalp. Feet’s soles and palm of the hands are prone too. Joints’ outer surfaces, genitals, toenails and finger nails also tend to become victims of this disease. The worst thing this disease does is that further if it spread it affects the joints and cause a bad kind of arthritis which is very unpleasant for the person who is suffering from it.

    One at times doesn’t really know the causes of certain kinds of diseases, and this disease is sadly one of them. People who are studying about it say that it is most probably a genetic disease. This can find its roots and the rapidly changing environment which is only leading to destruction and nothing else.