Vitiligo- a skin disease and its probable causes


There are so many skin disorders that we see that are becoming very common day by day. One really doesn’t know the actual cause till we consult a professional for its treatment. One such skin disorder that we see on every sixth person we meet is vitiligo. Though it is something that can be confused with some other skin disorder of as the signs and symptoms are same, but this is something which takes place when the skin faces depigmentation. Melanocytes are the cells which give the pigmentation to the skin. When these cells die, or cannot function properly we see that depigmentation in the skin and this is the condition when the professionals say that one is suffering from vitiligo. The causes as mentioned above still remains unknown and one cannot point out a finger to a particular reason to be but the people who have been studying this disease say that one can say that autoimmune and genetic along with viral causes, neural causes and oxidative causes can also be one of the reasons. There are patches which start appearing all over the body and can be symmetrical or non symmetrical.


This is that one kind of disease which appears in extremes. That is when the patches begin to appear we see it in extreme contrast in the skin. The patches when begin are very small but they spread on a regular basis and become big patches eventually. They also change the shape and color in which they appear. When the skin covering the face and hands begin showing the signs of lesions one notices that there is something wrong with the skin. New patches begin appearing. These patches appear mostly in particular places like umbilicus, nostrils, genetilia, mouth, and eyes. People who face this kind of disease may see hyperpigmentation. Weirdly people who suffer from this disease may also face a lot of depression and mood swings. Ultra violet rays and woods lamp is used at the time of detection.

Segmental- this is slightly difference in the way they appear from the other one. The etiology and the treatment also happen to be different than the others. It is usually unilateral and appears in the parts where the roots are there and near the dorsal parts. Topical treatment is something that usually cures.
Non segmental- this usually follows some form of symmetry and the patches which are formed forms in this particular way. The patches are usually localized but they spread all over the skin and they keep spreading in the same pattern. This can occur amongst people of any age bracket and has a few classes in which they are classified. That includes-

  1. Mucosal- when the depigmentation is in the mucous layer
  2. Acrofacial- periorificial areas and the fingers
  3. Focal- scattered patterns in just one or two specific areas. Common in children
  4. Universal- the depigmentation occurs in almost all the body parts, the whole skin becomes like that
  5. Generalized- this is the most common part and occurs almost again in like the whole body. This is something which is the most widespread and seen commonly.