Multidisciplinary breast cancer teams and proposed standards.

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Multidisciplinary breast cancer teams and proposed standards.

Ulus Cerrahi Derg. 2015;31(1):39-41

Authors: Güler SA, Cantürk NZ

Multidisciplinary approach is recommended for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, in order to optimize quality of life and survival. Multidisciplinary cancer teams that are used for this purpose enable communication between professionals. Multidisciplinary cancer meetings are pre-programmed regular meetings where cancer patients are evaluated on an individual basis, and where the multidisciplinary treatment of patients is planned based on evidence. Currently, application of appropriate treatment in a timely manner carries as great significance as early diagnosis. For this purpose, standards of multidisciplinary approach are significant. Disease specific multidisciplinary breast cancer meetings are essential in the treatment of breast cancer. The standards and organization of these teams have been scientifically determined. It is recommended that these multidisciplinary breast cancer meetings should be held regularly and the required infrastructure should be provided.

PMID: 25931943 [PubMed]